Rigel Engineering
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Rigel Engineering Srl is an Italian ICT company specialised in knowledge management, advanced multi-modal user interfaces, wireless and networking technologies, digital content management. Rigel's R&D unit gained important experience participating, managing and co-ordinating R&D projects at international level, acquiring and consolidating know-how and competencies in areas like (i) Intelligent integration of data and information, Knowledge extraction, data mining, Evaluation of Risk and availability of systems and components; (ii) Wireless Sensor Networks deployment, optimization and management, (iii) User-centred human machine interfaces for effective presentation of complex situations (big picture) for Situation Assessment and Decision Support, (iii) Complex distributed web applications and Web Services, integrating web based graphic user interfaces and providing GIS features. All project's phases are managed according to strict Project Management procedures based on the PMBOK. Different methodologies for software development (Unified Process - UML, Waterfall, Rapid Application Development, and Extreme Programming) are applied according to the requirements, constraints and nature of the specific project and of the specific phase of the project. As a common background, software development projects are managed according to a user-centred approach, early-involving end users and stakeholders in the development process and extensively adopting early prototyping for validation purposes, to gather early feedbacks from end users. Being a SME with a very specific core business, the company strongly focuses its research efforts, carefully planning the new business ventures and strongly committing on gaining the most exposure, exploitation and ROI for its research and innovation results. A selection of the most relevant research experiences can be summarised in our participations to the European project ITEA-DS (Intelligent Tools for Emergency Applications & Decision Support), which provided an example of web-based general human-machine interface applied to a Decision Support and Integrated Emergency Management System, integrating and presenting information of very different nature into a unique model. The project ASTRAL (Advanced Smart vessel TRAffic controL system) developed a new generation of low cost VTS station, leveraging object processing techniques and an advanced user interface including auomatic surveiillance procedures to monitor traffic congestion and prevent collisions. Furthermore, the European project SHIDESS (Shipborne Decision Support System) designed and developed an integrated system to support decision-making on board ship and ashore, processing key information on a ship's navigation safety, logistics management and protection against sea pollution. A graphical integrated user interface has been developed as part of the system. The project OCTOPUS designed and developed a system to intelligently deploy Wireless Sensor Networks for security applications (monitoring critical areas), where the signals from sensors are analysed and elaborated to extract condensed, meaningful information on the risk and criticality of the situation .


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