Glafcos Marine Ltd.
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GlafcoS Marine Ltd. is a technical group, composed from Naval Architects, Marine, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and, Programmers, which provides multi-disciplinary advisory services, software products and systems in the maritime and civil industries. GlafcoS' diversity of services covers a wide spectrum of ship needs and every stage of a ship's life, from design, through building, sea trials and operation and diversity of products ranging from advanced navigational suites to smart house applications and innovative turn-key solutions.
The main areas of maritime services provided by GlafcoS Marine are Consultancy services for strategic planning and problem solving of technical maritime issues faced by shipping companies. Technical support for every day operations of shipping companies or during major projects either new buildings, conversions and major repairs and Inspection services ranging from condition identification surveys to sale-purchase and damage surveys. GlafcoS is also an accredited service supplier member of Classification Societies under the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in the field of non-destructive testing. Our Technical Coordination expertise is not limited to big maritime real world projects including major conversions and new-buildings but is extended to EC RTD projects especially after the successful completion of OptiNav IST project. GlafcoS is maintaining a Product Development department that commercialising the results of its R&D department. So far GlafcoS is developing and marketing products including loading software for ships, Water Ingress Detection Systems for Bulk Carriers, Hull Monitoring Systems and, Navigation Decision Support Suites. The majority of GlafcoS' products for the maritime industry (where applicable) are type approved from recognized institutions. GlafcoS has also developed products that targeted more open markets than the maritime one. Is worth mentioning BIOS, a Building Integrated Operation System (smart house), YachtMan, a leisure Yacht Management Suite, etc.
GlafcoS' R&D department is recruited with a diversity of researchers mainly with engineering and programming background. The main task of this department is to communicate the knowledge gained through field approach of the ship and its operation environment to integrated navigation and safety systems for the maritime industry. The critical complementary expertise of this department is the integration of monitored data and hardware modules with sophisticated algorithms describing ships' behavior and predictive models of them. The department is equipped and continuously updated with high end software packages ranging from naval architecture s/w to FEM and data acquisition graphical programming environments. The department is market-driven and has already exploited successfully the expertise in monitoring-and-control to sectors outside shipping. Department's capabilities have a broad recognition both from partners, customers as well as from major hardware vendors (e.g. National Instruments). GlafcoS is maintaining a lot of business partnerships abroad both in Europe and Far East.


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