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The “Autonomous robotic systems and control” (ARSC) group of CNR-ISSIA has a pluriennial theoretical and experimental experience in the field of robotics, based on the development of unmanned marine vehicles (UMVs) both underwater, i.e. Roby2 and Romeo Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), and on the surface, i.e. Charlie Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), which have been exploited in a number of national and international projects, in particular for polar applications. This research activity involved different subjects concerning image processing, system architectures, user interfaces and management of discrete event systems, which, in the last years, facilitated the transfer of knowledge to the fields of industrial and naval automation.
In addition to the exploitation of the developed UMVs in five Italian Expeditions to Antarctica, and in the Project EC MAST 3 ARAMIS (1997-2000), where a technological and scientific payload was integrated with IFREMER Victor and CNR Romeo ROV, it is worth remembering the development of an execution control level, based on Petri nets, for the management of the navigation, guidance and control tasks of marine mobile robots, as well as the experience in the adaptation to the marine environment of existing instruments and devices matured in years of operations at sea.
Among the transfer of technology to industries, the following projects are remembered: in 2004-05 CNR-ISSIA developed an embedded real-time architecture based on free software and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware for robotics and industrial automation, in cooperation with Green Project Srl, a SME operating in the field of the automation of iron and steel industry.
In 2005-07 CNR-ISSIA coordinated the project "Harbour and coastal underwater anti-intrusion system", funded in the framework of the Innovative Actions Regional Program IARP-FESR Liguria. The project focused on the feasibility study of a subsea anti-intrusion system in cooperation with Ligurian research organisations, universities and companies involved in marine technology in 2006-07, CNR-ISSIA designed and implemented, in two projects funded by Elsag SpA, the “On Board Training System for the automation system of the platform of the Horizon class frigates” and the “Human Machine Interface and Monitoring, Control and Supervision system for an electrical power generator for ships”.


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