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RINA S.p.A. is the operative company of the Registro Italiano Navale established in 1861 by a group of shipowners and underwriters. Registro Italiano Navale is one of the oldest societies in the world for the classification of merchant ships. Its scope, since then, has been to assess the fitness of ships for their intended trade and service, as a guarantee to interested parties (owners, underwriters, charterers), to safeguard human life at sea and prevent sea pollution. Over these last 140 years, the activities of Registro Italiano Navale have been progressively widened, transferring the skills acquired in the field of ship classification to other sectors, which range from quality certification to environmental impact assessment, to advanced services for industry, following the demands of more and more complex and internationalised markets and economies. RINA S.p.A. is the limited company set up during 1999 by Registro Italiano Navale and represents the operating arm in the sectors of ship classification, certification, control and industrial services, training, assistance and research. RINA S.p.A. is one of the seven founder members of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) and of the EURACS (European Association of Classification Societies). RINA S.p.A. is Recognised Organisation by more than 150 National Administrations world-wide to carry out, on their behalf, statutory verifications concerning maritime safety and environmental pollution prevention. RINA has been participating in national and European research projects, both as coordinator and as partner, for many years and is presently coordinating the STREP Project HANDLING WAVES, "Decision support system for ship operation in rough weather" the scope of which is to improve ships performance, and thus its efficiency, by addressing those operational factors that are connected to operability and availability of the ship itself.


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<a href=http://www.rina.org>RINA S.p.A.</a>

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